Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder

Leckwith Hill - Halfway up or down...

'Gonna keep on tryin', till I reach my highest ground' - Stevie Wonder

Gosh it's been a day of trying on Leckwith Hill but not for me, for my clients. I spent most of my working day on the 321 metres of tarmac that are fast becoming famous in these parts.

Most impressive of all was Andrew Jordan who is really developing his ULTRA-marathon running and has diminished his waistline dramatically since we first started training together. You can just see him in the picture!

Every few weeks that we meet, it's like meeting a new improved version of the same man.

I'm very impressed with how he's done this and look out for him, or what's left of him should I say, at The Ridgeway Challenge over the weekend.

For me, it was a day off running before another 26.2 tomorrow... bring it on.

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