Tuesday, 2 September 2014

3 Doors Down - Love me when I'm gone

Lyric:- 'Somewhere in this darkness' - Roberts, Harrell, Henderson, Ochs, Arnold & Mathers

Track Choice:- I heard this track during a TV show this evening and instantly loved it. It was just one of those occasions where the song fitted the show and pressed all my 'music love' buttons at once. Until this evening I hadn't heard of this band but what a great surprise. Have a listen yourself and see if you get your 'music love buttons' pressed too.

Do you see what I mean or do you think it sucks? When I go to an art gallery I always ask one of the guides to tell me which one painting they'd would take home with them and why as I'm interested in their opinion. It's fascinating that they ALWAYS jump at the chance of telling me their choice.

People always ask me why I run and I haven't got a clearly defined answer apart from that I love it and have done from my very first jog some 20 years ago. 

I wonder if I'll love the 3 Doors Down track in 20 years?

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