Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Forever Autumn - Justin Hayward

Lyric:- Through autumn's golden gown - Wayne

Song Choice - Probably the best concept album ever? (well it's debatable I suppose) but this song always come to mind when I see Autumn's arrival and Hayward's voice is both beautiful and haunting...

The Autumnal Equinox marks the transition from Summer towards the cold and dark days of a British Winter for me. A million miles away from where I am today - don't get me wrong as it's Autumn here and the leaves are much bigger and redder than back home and it's transition time here too...

I've decided to be really positive about heading back into the cold days of the UK and think about the things I love about the winter months. Firstly running without losing half of ones body weight in sweat will be most welcome and is there a better feeling of sitting by a big log fire toasting your feet after a long walk out on a very cold and frosty day? The Plough and Harrow Pub at Monknash has just the job!

It's not all over yet and luckily there will be four weeks before the clocks go back and it's back to hours of nipple grating power hours of getting the interval miles in the tank in the gym for next years racing.

Until then I'm going to enjoy kicking my way through the Autumn leaves both out here and back home. I'm back out on the road here tomorrow and looking forward to seeing more of paradise before the long journey back to Caerdydd...

Will I be needing my fleece on Monday? ;-)

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