Saturday, 6 September 2014

Runaway - Jamiroquai

Lyric:- Can you feel it? - Kay, Harris & Johnson

Song Choice:- Hear it here and see what you've been missing all these years if JK passed you by. I LOVE the groove of this song and it always lifts my mood and gets my feet going. Shame he's disappeared as some of his work is simply amazing...

Anyway, my feet have been going ten-to-the-dozen for the past two days without JK's help and I've clocked up well over 50 miles with two great Marathon des Sables 2015 Runners. It's taken me to 91 miles banked this week and a hefty 12224Kcals lopped off my waistline.

My legs don't feel too distressed and I'm going to lift some weights tomorrow as well as catch up on some missed sleep during the Italian Grand Prix...

Life's good eh? Can you feel it too?

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