Monday, 22 September 2014

Steam - Peter Gabriel

Lyric:- Get a life with the dreamers dream - Gabriel

Song Choice:- Superhero PG at his mad genius best...

Three, Two, One and back in the Room. Yep I can safely say that La Digue is part of a parallel universe in another time and space dimension and although only fifteen minutes from Praslin by ferry a million light years from normality. If you are looking to 'find' yourself there's no better place.

Finding my way around Praslin was a whole lot busier than La Digue. Less bikes but more buses and motorcycles (about 2 of each in reality) as I ran during 'rush hour' today. (The word Rush is not in the dictionary in the Seychelles btw).

My tem miles, five out and back, were three horizontal, two vertical repeated. Yes, they have the biggest mother hills you have EVER encountered along the coast towards Zimbabwe. Nope not another time warp, an actual place of the same name on a 50% gradient hill repeat you couldn't possibly do repeats on as it's just too steep.

I did find the best house do far of this holiday and if the lottery comes my way - then I know where to buy. An extraordinary mountain topped mansion overlooking the coast and the most perfect beach you could imagine.

It's a Bacardi Ad, Rockband Video & Holiday Brochure Special all rolled into one.

Today's run has also inspired me to try and have a crack at bettering my 50+ marathon PB of 3:37 at last years Abingdon. I'm not sure if there's enough of 2014 left to speed me up in time but January is a possibility.

It will be interesting to see how much this couple of weeks hard running in paradise will make to my performance back home.

If you're in the same boat maybe we can help each other smash a few time barriers - let me know your thoughts and I'll ponder on it for a while on the beach tomorrow :-)

More then...

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