Friday, 19 September 2014

Wish you were here - The Pink Floyd

Lyrics:- Running over the same old ground ' - Waters & Gilmour

Track Choice:- The title track from Floyd's 1975 album has LONG been one of my favourite pieces of classic progressive rock. Hearing this today whilst running on 'Castaway Beach' seemed the perfect holiday message to loved ones back it's a shame you're not here to witness the outstanding beauty of this paradise island.

Then again, I was thinking more Danny Boyle and his 127 hours where I went on to run and climb over massive granite boulders through the rain forest styled coastal path, if that pictures it for you. One slip and I'd have been was very exciting and totally baking hot too.

I'm getting used to the heat though and it will be interesting to see the effect of training in 85 degrees Fahrenheit and 85 percent humidity for a couple of weeks. I'm loving my running right now SO much.

Today's been all about feeling and seeing good positive stuff and after as after you could be a 'lost soul swimming in a fish bowl' and that just wouldn't do would it Clare?

More tomorrow from Coleman-World. :-)

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