Thursday, 25 September 2014

Paperback Writer - The Beatles

Lyric:- Dear Sir or Madam would you read my book - Lennon & McCartney

Track choice:- My favourite Beatles song and one where McCartney's bass playing really stands out. The Beatles at their best if you ask me.

I became the paperback writer I've been threatening to be for the past few years today and summoned up my creative juices to write what I can only describe as a 'Love Letter' to the last twenty years of my life.

It's not a heavy, I did this then I did that kind of tomb, as that would be very boring - it's more of a 'How to' but not a handbook rather a 'this is how I did it and you can do it too' book. Is that clear? I hope it is and I'll keep you posted with the writing, editing and publishing.

So far it encompasses a few pages written in long hand in a bright pink A4 exercise book I bought in Birmingham Airport just for the task.

I'm no JK Rowling and my book won't peak on Amazon but if I train you or you want to get to know how I really see the world, then it's pages might be of interest.

I'll be back on the case later and hoping not to get writers block, as the words are just flowing onto the blank pages in a massive mind dump as all the different stages of my running career come to mind.

My hope is to convey how I feel about running and the massive effect it's made on my life and can for you too.

The proof will be there to be read when I've cracked out the rest of the writing. A few more days here and a couple of flights will get me further down the line...

It's really got my creativity going...and it feels great to finally get how I think down on paper.

More from my loopy old world tomorrow...

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