Saturday, 20 September 2014

The light pours out of me - Magazine

'Time flies, Time Crawls' - Devoto

I think there's a Time And Relative Dimension In Seychelles - we'll call it the TARDIS effect and unlike the blue call box prop in my home town of Cardiff this one is totally real.

Strange stuff happens here, the clocks go backwards or don't even move at all and then it's suddenly sundown on yet another day in paradise.

Sure climbing the highest peak on La Digue takes time to conquer its 333m summit but all morning? Well in the TARDIS it does.

Just buying a few items in the local shop takes hours and everyone you see here moves in slow motion.

As for me lighting up the world out here, it's already fully illuminated and more than the one 60 watt bulb it already has would ruin the place. Even my iPhone is a bit bright.

Tomorrow, well that's another day and I won't be wasting vital energy thinking about it right now in case I upset the calmness out here...

Also time is a very precious commodity...not only here but everywhere and it's far too easy to wish your life away.

Maybe you need a TARDIS too! Where and what would you do?

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