Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Do anything you want to do - Thin Lizzy

Lyric:- They'll insinuate, intimidate and complicate you - Lynott

Track choice:- I listened hard to these lyrics on my coastal 10 miler here on The Seychelles today, I had to as I was at max heart rate in places and totally drenched in a sea of my own sweat.

Thank heavens for the twin lead guitars of Gary Moore and Scott Gorham to push me along as most of the route today was brutal in the near 100% humidity.

The song and my running today underlines to me that one needs adventure, a dream, a desire, a yearning to do something that isn't just boringly ordinary. Life's for living and being here in paradise without my usual 50mb connection, I've gone into 'Pensivemode'...oh yes a dangerous Coleman State of Mind when there is just a little too much time to let my brain dream up the next big thing.

Do you have exciting plans for your future? Or are you being intimidated or complicated as Lynott puts it. There are too many folk IMO who just don't get IT. I got it today on my dream 10 miler today.

I was both mentally and physically challenged, tested and slow cooked at 80+ degrees for 100 minutes but do you know what...it felt bloody awesome.

I might just do it all again tomorrow if I can get rehydrated enough in time.

Are you doing what you want to do or playing someone else's tune?

Please let me know ;-)

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