Saturday, 6 September 2014

Timewave - New Beginnings

Track Choice:- One of my favourite pieces of music and my version of a well deserved end of week big glass of wine. Listen here and just let all your weeks woes simply ease away...

And boy I think I've deserved it and there's yet another 26.2 miles to crack in tomorrow when hopefully there will be less of a Police state in down-town Caerdydd to negotiate.

Actually it was all over by 11am and the main part of the city was wonderfully silent unlike the Docks which had a massive warships, squadrons of helicopters buzzing around and most of the British Police-force on duty in light blue caps mingling with the General Public in a strangle kind of PR exercise.

However bonkers it looked no doubt it will all be worth it...

Hopefully all my uplifted training will be too and what with my uplifted speed training and my weight-loss campaign in full flow, who knows where it will all lead.

Probably to a good sleep in front of the Grand Prix on Sunday...Nothing's Better eh?

More tomorrow...

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