Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Red Shoes - Kate Bush

Lyric:- 'And this curve, is your smile, and this cross, is your heart, and this line, is your path - Bush

Track Choice:- This track has really gold hold of my running heart right now and Kate's wonderful lyrics and clever music really drove me through the last minutes of my endless hour on the treadmill tonight.

This song is about a girl that puts on an enchanted pair of shoes and can't stop dancing until the spell is broken. Yes, I know it's a bit whacky but we are talking Kate Bush here...

I heard the song while drowning in a sea of my own sweat and tears. It made me wonder how I would cope with a pair of training shoes that just went on running when my legs wanted to stop. It's a weird concept and one that I find quite scary as I'm very claustrophobic but I reckon it could come in handy on the MdS!

I just crave danger and it's a bit like a box that says 'Don't Open' on it...I'm far too inquisitive not to look I'm afraid and I think you have to have a bit of faith and jump in with both feet sometimes...if you're a regular reader or really know'd know that already about me already.

Take a listen yourself and if you already have Red Shoes, Blue Shoes or even Pink High Heels...put 'em on and your dream will come true!

More tomorrow...Now where are my heels?

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