Friday, 12 September 2014

The The - Good Morning Beautiful

Lyric:- Ask yourself, whose voice is it that whispers unto you? - Johnson

Song Choice:- This is The The at their scariest and blackest best in my opinion and the very first time I heard it, I loved it. It was back in my very dark days of 1991 and the little voice talking to me then wasn't giving me the best of life instructions I can tell you. I felt then and still do that the lyrics highlight life's negativity and ones path to righteousness...see what you listening here.

It's far too easy to give into negative thoughts and people if it comes to that and become downtrodden and boring. The thing is we try and do things for the right reason sometimes and can end up becoming a crowd-pleaser. I found out today that one of my clients has the big C and he partner seems more worried that there will be a break in housekeeping duties during her illness instead of being caring, supportive and possibly loving at this particular worrying point in life. 

Talk about someone needing a good box up the bracket!

It does make me wonder though if we should sometimes shout more than whisper and maybe shout louder if we're not being heard. At 52 I'm getting better at letting my feelings be known and letting my voice do the talking. It's very refreshing.

Is it time you shouted 'From the tops of your city roofs?'

More tomorrow...

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