Wednesday, 24 September 2014

School - Supertramp

Lyric:- 'Don't let it get too dark'...

Song Choice:- I listened to this brilliant long forgotten Supertramp triumph of a track on my eleven mile run along the Coast of Praslin this afternoon.

It was a coincidence of a song as it's one of my old school friends 53rd birthday today which means I've known him for over forty years - bugger me!

Recently our old Headmaster Mr Pratt died and on a visit to my old school last year all of my old teachers has left or died and their villainous 'Pink Floyd Teacher like ways' had gone with them. I was told it was the end of an era.

Headteachers are a lot nicer type nowadays I'm told and young people are treated much more respect than we were.

We didn't turn out too badly though and if I had my time again I'd try a whole lot harder - easy with a bucket of hindsight but I reckon I could get quite a few A*s if I had another go...not so sure about Latin but I'd give the others a good go.

Then again if I had been a real swot, I wouldn't have been running in The Seychelles today so it can't be all that bad...

More tomorrow...

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