Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Fearless - The Pink Floyd

Lyric:- 'You say the hills to steep to climb, climb it' - Waters & Gilmour

Day three of my 'Meddle' blogs and 'Fearless' is a beautifully written song of encouragement for anyone who's knees are knocking at the thought of what lies ahead of them in 2016.

Let's face it, if we all knew what the next twelve months had in store for each and every one of us, we might just stay in bed or consider our life options a whole lot deeper. As along the way we are bound to f*** it up a bit...

The song has some great lines to ponder on:- 'I climb that hill in my own way'...Well there's some wise words as no one will climb it for you BUT if someone has climbed theirs before - use their expertise eh? All those MdS Runners, think on.

It also has the 'Just waiting a while for the right time', is totally open to procrastination in anyone's book if you ask me. I'm very much of the 'If you have to do it, then do it brigade.

It's all about becoming 'FEARLESS'.

Anyway, being 'Fearless' isn't as easy as it sounds but when the brown stuff hits the fan, it comes in super-handy.

Are you 'Fearless' or do you live in 'Fear'?

Is it time to be 'Strong'? Do you need some hand holding? If you do, then please call me.

More tomorrow...

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