Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The King Will Come - Wishbone Ash

Lyric:- ‘Or just a sign in the sand?’ – Powell, Turner, Turner & Upton

Day Four of the ‘Argus - Wishbone Ash Blogs’ and ‘The King Will Come’. It could almost be an offering from a Christian Band with all those Prophets and Kings Coming but it’s the ‘Sign in the Sand’ lyric that has always stuck in my head after listening to the song. Have a listen here. It's a real builder and has some great harmonies on it...

You see in life we are given many signs. I’ve spent the last two days on London’s Underground following SO MANY signs that I’m all ‘Signed Out’ and I went more by feel than vision as I crossed London tonight as my ‘Sign Following’ went from awful, to terrible, to really rubbish.

There’s only so much information my brain can cope with you see and after discovering that the Circle Line isn’t a circuit my embedded mental mapping went to pieces, and there weren’t any nice size 12 footsteps to follow either.

So much for my lacking in the permanent signs zone, how about the signs I see in the sand? You know the ones where folk have gone before you hoping they were going in the right direction. But were they? And are they worth following? They’re not there for long either so it makes life a bit of a lottery doesn’t it. I've had that sliding doors feeling for two days now.

That’s probably where ‘Faith’ comes in and the Prophets proclaiming the King’s Arrival. Well the arrival of something, who knows?

For them, the signs are crystal clear and nothing diverts them from their hope, thoughts or aspirations. For them the sign isn’t in the sand, it’s not an Underground Schematic, thank God, it’s written on a Stone in  their hand’. Ask Wishbone Ash!

Are you seeing the signs? Let me know if you are...

More tomorrow.

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