Sunday, 6 December 2015

Sometime World - Wishbone Ash

Lyric:- Told to me all his troubles, that the world had made him cry - Powell, Turner, Turner & Upton

Song Choice:- Track 2 on the 4 million selling 1972 Album 'Argus' brings us 'Sometime World'. A track of two halves really and although these lyrics feel sad the song has actually  got the 'Carry you, carry me, away' line repeated later on in it to uplift the spirits and show signs of hope. The 'Had to feel underrated, and hated, besides' is also a bit of a downer though and actually I'm now reaching for the noose...I'd never looked at the lyrics this closely before!

Anyway, back to the plot and it's the 'Sometimes' here that I'm really interested in. And especially the 'Some Times' part of I'm being honest as the 'Procrastination of Life' is SO frustrating to me. The ever grating 'I'll do it, Some Time' in, 'Some Time' in the future. 

You know the one the 'Some Time', that never gets done! How many half-arsed jobs are you surrounded by? Count 'em up, I bet there are loads of 'em.

Back in 1972, as a 10 year old boy, during my Long Summer Holiday some time was spent not doing very much at all if I'm being honest and I can't remember much time since not being filled with as much life as I can pack into my 24hr days.

Tomorrow will see yet another MdS Day Marathon and will happily fill my working hours quite nicely.

Have you got 'Some Time' from your 'Sometime World' to spare?

I could use some!

More Tomorrow and Don't Keep Life Waiting...

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