Monday, 21 December 2015

So Far Away - Dire Straits

Well here we goes with yet another set of Album Blogs and this time it's the DDD recorded, 'Brothers in Arms'. 

The fifth studio album by the British Rock band Dire Straits. Released a million light years ago on 13 May 1985. It was a breath of fresh air on my hi-fi back then as it was my one of my first CD purchases and played to death on my Phillips CD104. A temperamental beast of a CD Player which you certainly play a CD with a fingerprint on, yet alone one with jam spread on it, like on Tomorrow's World.

Anyway, here goes with the first track, 'So Far Away', surprisingly a Carole King penned ditty and not one from the the Glaswegian Head-banded, Mark Knopfler. A great album opener but a track many times skipped by me to get to  track #2 'Money for Nothing'.

Now I could bang on about being so far away from a loved one, especially at this time of year BUT the furthest thing we are from in my Hemisphere right now is the SUN. Yet rather ironically the earth is closer to the sun right now. How the hell does that work? 

Yes folks from all this drivel you might derive, today is 2112 day...The 'Winter Bloody Solstice'...

One of the worst days of the year in my opinion. 

With the sun lazily rising at 0816hrs and setting at a super-early 1606hrs it's no wonder the world felt rather dark today, was it a dark one for you. My thoughts are that it can only get brighter from now on and that we are heading towards brighter and sunnier times. Roll on the warm days of April and May...If you know me well, you'll know these are my favourite months and the cornfields of early summer dreams feel rather distant right now.

The darkness is a good time to plan though and 2016 could well be a very bright year if you start lining up your dominoes. There' no time to waste and tomorrow, whatever it is you want will be one day closer.

How cool is that?

So F*ck the Winter Solstice, get your act into gear and get jiggy...Summer is just around the Corner!

More tomorrow...

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