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Time Was - Wishbone Ash

Well it's time for a series of Classic Album Blogs' and what better album than the 1972 Classic, Argus, the Album (that you've probably never heard even though it's sold over 4 million copies) which is one of my all time favourites, and an essential part of my record library btw. So here goes...

Track 1 - Time Was

Lyric:- The crime was, I couldn't start to change my history - Powell, Turner, Turner & Upton

An interesting cliff-edge of a line to finish this particular track off with and one I always listen to a little perplexed, if I'm being honest, as I'm not sure it's actually a crime to change one's history. What's gone has gone and we are whom we are because of the history we created and in some cases endured I reckon.

The rest of the song is quite different...

Wishbone Ash, were always more of a girls than a guys rock band and this track reflects that quite nicely. Back in '72 Genesis were singing 'Suppers Ready' written whilst on LSD and Purple were Smoking on the Water so a bit of Time Was singing about the pain of a lost love and regret banged out with some nice harmony twiddly guitar mean't you could listen as a couple doing prog rock and love simultaneously rather than getting down to 'The Sound of Bread'....

Ok, Wishbone Ash were never a cool band but the music was always really clever in its harmonies both musically and vocally and it stands the test of 43 years pretty well and tomorrow's 'Sometime World' will underline this further.

Anyway, have a think about 'Time Was' and maybe think of a few things you did or could do that you don't do now - 'Time Was, I used to paint all the time'...comes to mind, plus a million other things. Oh and 'Time Was I ran a 3:24 Marathon!'

What's your 'Time Was'?


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