Monday, 28 December 2015

The Man's too Strong - Dire Straits

Lyric:- 'I have lived behind walls' - Knopfler

Well it's Day Seven (feels more like seventy-bloody-seven, if I'm being honest) of my 'Brothers in Arms' set of Blogs and what starts out as a bit of a 'Dylan Tribute Band Durge' of a track...turns into a brilliant hook and contains the most pleasing lyric about 'Living behind Walls'.

You see living 'Behind Walls' is what most of us do most of the time as there are very few people who have the balls to live without them in complete simplicity. Well, that's what I'm told I do, so I feel most happy about that and my having a clear picture of the future is a far cry from the massive wall that was right in front of my eyes way back in 1994.

You see having a clear vision is the key. It has to be yours and not someone else's as I for one can't work for someone else's vision. Then again being 'United' in a vision can be very different and very rare thing as it's unusual to find that perfect partner with whom you can make your mark with on this world. If you think about all the double acts, there's always a straight man/comic or musician/lyricist in there battling away for top billing. 

So here's a question for you...Have you found your Ant or Dec yet?

Hmm there's one to ponder....

As for the Man being too weak or too strong - it's actually about the 'People' being equal and being able to listen, speak simply and clearly so what's being heard can be simply understood.

If it was only that easy eh? Life would be a lot simpler and there'd be more time to do adventure! 'Cos that's what we all need isn't it?

More tomorrow and how many more Dire Straits tracks are there to go as this is killing me!

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