Saturday, 12 December 2015

Throw down the Sword - Wishbone Ash

Lyric:- 'The fight is done and over, neither lost, neither won' - Powell, Turner, Turner & Upton

Song choice:- Well it's the last day of my 'Wishbone Ash - Argus' blogs and 'Throw down the Sword' makes a great last track on the multi-million copy selling album and it's one I've always enjoyed listening to, right to the very end. My Vinyl copy used to really wow and flutter which I miss...

Anyway It follows on nicely after the ferocity of 'Warrior' and has the 'The fight is done and over, neither lost, neither won' which sums up so many of our personal battles that we deal with on a daily basis it seems and also reflects the stalemate that conflict often brings.

We call it 'Compromise' nowadays and when somebody said the other day that 'We'll have to agree to differ' on a certain subject, my thoughts were 'Actually, we bloody well won't, as I'm right and you're not!' What a plonker!

Then again, maybe a spoonful of 'Compromise' would help me sometimes.

You see, I do wonder if I'm ever seen to Throw Down the Sword? I don't when it's my experience and opinion that's put into question and my specialist subjects (and multi-day running is one of 'em). I believe I've earned my stripes and know what's best to help others on to an injury free life of running. To say, 'We'll have to agree to differ', is such a 'Cop-Out' and reflects the 'Average' way that some folk lead their lives to me. It does ruck a few feathers but I find it hard not to say something when I really know that I'm 100% right. Do you?

It's called having an opinion. It makes you Opinionated and that's ok by me. I'd rather live and die by the sword and be someone that 'did' something rather than didtn't and be known as the 'Stalemate Cop-Out Kid'.

What's been your Stalemate today? And is it time to pick up the sword and 'Carry on Fighting?'

More tomorrow and a New Classic Album set of Blogs to start...Hmm what to choose...

Something Rocky!

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