Friday, 11 December 2015

Warrior - Wishbone Ash

Lyric:- 'I have to be a Warrior, a Slave I couldn't be' - Powell, Turner, Turner & Upton

Song Choice:- Well it's Day Six of my 'Wishbone Ash, Argus Blogs' and this track really belts out its message and it's one I see unfurl everyday of life it seems.

Yup, it's all about the fight you see. Even the shortest person can be a great fighter you know and can run rings around any heavyweight they like, if only they are prepared to FIGHT.

The thing is that's it's far to easy to lose the voice in your head that says 'I'm not putting up with this s*** anymore, lets fight it out!' Normally, the bully will back down and say a million 'Sorry's' only to do it again. So why do we let it happen?

What is it in our characters that say, 'Oh, I just want an easy life' and say nothing.

Now, I'm one of the worst in the world for pointing out things to folk when I don't agree with them, or I feel I'm being taken for a ride. After all at 53, I believe I've earned respect and that I'm firm and fair with people and they know where they stand with me.

If I say I'm going to do something I do, and if I say 9am for something it is as that's only fair to all concerned. Don't get me wrong, I'm a definite Warrior so don't you forget it - as I ain't a slave. However I'm not a Warlord and that's what folk kick against in my experience.

Anyway, have a look at your life. Warlord, Warrior or Slave. If you are a Warlord or a Slave, well it's time to change as no one will like you or respect you and that's just not Cricket.

Go for a Run and a Ponder and then sort it out - you'll feel a whole lot better for it.

More from a Rare Day-Off tomorrow...

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