Friday, 25 December 2015

Your Latest Trick - Dire Straits

'Now it's past last call for alcohol' - Knopfler

And it's days like today that can challenge one's inner resolve. With the combined pressure of the festivities and family woes compressed into a tight spot, its' not surprising that a lot of folk buckle in their 'Alcohol Abstention' and get profoundly clattered. For some it will be well into 2016 and beyond before they clean up their acts and pluck up courage to get back on the wagon again, it's a real shame.

Anyway, less of my preaching about the booze and whether you are at 1, 80 or 8000+ days on your journey,I hope you feel on your way to freedom.

So without more ado, here's the next in my 'Brothers in Arms' blogs and  'Your latest trick'.

T's a mix of the theme tunes of 'Crossroads' and 'Triangle', (yup it's a duffer) if you remember either TV show and rather dreary. It's not one of Dire Straits best songs if I'm being honest, however, it does have that late night boozy bar feeling which I wanted to have as a backdrop to the blog. Been there and got the T-Shirt many times over...

When the song was written back in 1985, it was all about getting the beers lined up before 11pm in my experience, and getting them down by ten past. I'm sure the younger reader won't remember the bell being rung by the Pub Landlord accompanied by 'Last Orders at the Bar' and 'Time Gentlemen Please' at 11pm or even earlier at 10.30pm on a Sunday...(Wow, there's a thing, 'Gentlemen', that dates it).

Thirty years on it's far too easy and all you have to do is to go the all-night ASDA or TESCO and get some more - 24/7 - 52 weeks a year. I wouldn't be here today if it had been like that in my day. It's SO immoral for those trying to clean up their acts as it's bloody difficult to avoid as the booze hits you as soon as you go through the doors in any of the  supermarkets I use.

Somehow, that has to change in the future Mr. Cameron!

So my Christmas Message this year to anyone who has sat their way through Christmas Day dry when they really wanted to be drinking, is a FUCKING BIG WELL DONE. As it ain't easy in a society that thinks getting wasted is still a cool thing to do and that still doesn't recognise that Alcohol is a serious issue in the UK, especially in Wales.

I know I sound 'Bar-humbug' but I know I'm right...

A Merry 'Sober' Christmas to all of you.

Rory Coleman - 952 Marathons - 238 Ultras - 12 Marathon des Sables
9 Guinness World Records - 21 Years' Alcohol Free.

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