Saturday, 26 December 2015

Why Worry - Dire Straits

Lyric:- 'Why worry, there should be laughter after pain' - Knopfler

Well it's the next in a series of rather dour and wrist slashing 'Brothers in Arms' Blogs, and I'd forgotten just how dark this dirty from old the 'Head-Banded One' really was and I now know why I only ever played a few of the tracks on the album. Then again listening to this one, the lyrics seem to fit my mood as it's 22 years to the day since I stubbed out my last cigarette and rather than just say 'Why Worry' about the cost of smoking to my health , I did, and my whole world changed for the better.

You see it's far too easy to have it 'Now' and pay 'Later' in both 'Health' and in 'Wealth' it seems. The figures say it all, as at an average £5 per 20 pack for the 8036 days I would be a cool £40,180 worse off and at 11 minutes less living for each per cigarette, I'd be a whopping 1,767,920 minutes or 1227 days or 3.36 years* earlier into my coffin or is that coughin!* 

The stats are bloody frightening!

Yet 25% of the Adult Population down here in Cymru still do it and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. The £40k stat is really frightening as it's a huge price to pay for an early death.

There is another stat though that says after five years ones lungs are pretty much rejuvenated and you stand as much chance of lung cancer as anyone who has never smoked - So theres a great reason to give up today.

So don't worry, like most things in life, after the pain of quitting, there's only laughter and better times ahead - there always is. So don't let it all go up in smoke.

I'm going to enjoy my 1227 days of 'extra life' - Will You?

Rory Coleman - 952 Marathons - 238 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 22 Years' Cigarette Free.

*  Please check my maths, as I love numbers but my 'C' in O Level Maths was a bit shaky. 
** Nothing like a death joke to warm things up.

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