Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Trial - The Pink Floyd

'Tear down the Wall' - Waters

I totally get how Waters felt writing the lyrics to this 1979 baby. It's one I rarely listen to if I'm being honest as there are far too many stand out classics to mention on one of my all time favourite albums, The Wall.

Then again, this track as some great lyrics.

The Wall I I believe is the one we all surround ourselves with that protects us from all the s*** that's ever happened to us, that we've endured or been dealt, from happening to us again.

On my 8001st day of sobriety I can easily hold up my hand and say that particular wall is brick and mortar 100% fully pointed and in tact. In fact it's made out of reinforced concrete covered in rose diamond lacquered paint that hides a Teflon base that's impregnable

Yep, it's very strong and will never fall, you got the idea?

It's interesting as its one thing I know will always be intact and long after my marathon legs have been replaced by rollers and bed baths. What I find more alarming is how other walls I've created are faring. Hmm, maybe at a later date...

I was asked if I have dreams and funnily enough, I dream't last night of a fruit farmer that built and rebuilt his wall three times around his orchard. All he wanted was to be left alone and grow perfect red apples. If you know what that means, please let me know, as I don't.

Anyway, 321 and back in the room - I'll think on about my walls. The Dog one, the Swimming one or The I must try a Sprout one. None of course stand a chance right now, but you never know... 

If you never move on you'll be eaten from within and the wall you've built will sadly let no one will know or hear your gasps for help and no one will care one bit.

Need a Jackhammer? Need to drop a few barricades?

Rory Coleman - 946 Marathons - 238 Ultras
12 Marathon des Sables - 9 Guinness World Records - 8000+ Days' Alcohol Free.

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