Wednesday, 16 December 2015

San Tropez - The Pink Floyd

Lyric:- 'Sooner than wait for a break in the weather, I'll gather my far-flung thoughts together.' - Waters

Song choice:- Day Four of my Pink Floyd 'Meddle' Blogs and Track Four is 'St. Tropez' a place that probably had a much higher profile back in 1971 as being THE destination to go and do a mini Grand Tour back then. It represents how a lazy day in St. Tropez might pan out and represents the only wholly penned Waters song on this album.

It's wonderful Jazzy lyrics (Jazz Club...Smooooth), and the wonderful acoustic guitar really give it that fantastic 'Summer Sun' feeling. Back then, there were some amazing long hot summers as I remember, reflected in great British Films like the 'The Day of the Jackal' and brilliant 'The Go Between'.

Anyway, back to St. Tropez and having spent time on the French Riviera myself, I'm not sure how a 'Lazy Day' would ever pan out as I can't remember my last ever 'Lazy Day'. Let's face it, if you waited for a break in the weather in Cardiff, you'd be waiting a very long time to anything. It was something I couldn't wait for today as I clocked up my 70th 42.2km of the year with the most interesting 'Clowner', Mark Curtis.

Son of mine is 25 tomorrow, (yikes that makes me old) and Friday sees my last 42.2km of the year. Then it's Christmas in my own St.Tropez, where I can gather my far-flung thoughts together for a couple of weeks.

And relax...

More tomorrow.

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