Thursday, 3 December 2015

Masters of the Universe - Hawkwind

Lyric:- 'It's all a figment of my mind in a world that I've designed. I'm charged with cosmic energy, has the world gone mad or is it me?

Song choice:- Well back in 1971, I would have been tripping out to this one if only I hadn't been nine. Best thing about this album was my best friend's eldest sister had four albums, In Search of Space (Hawkwind), Argus (Wishbone Ash), Dark Side of the Moon (Floyd) and Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells. What a music apprenticeship and still up there in my favourite albums of all time.

Anyway, all this dreaming stuff this week got me thinking about our own universes. The ones we eagerly create and so like to destroy. Take my 'Apple Grower Parable' and his building  all of those walls around his orchard to protect his crop.  The thing is he lost sight of his one big love - The Apple itself! And without that he lost everything. 

My word, sounds like it should be the fifth Gospel according to Coleman...must look to see if it's in the other four as I dream't the whole thing up the other night and apparently you can only dream what you already know. Maybe it's too much like the 'Parable of the Pearl'...

Anyway moving on...

Have you lost sight of your Apples? Maybe they are next to your Marbles you lost some time ago. Just reading the lyrics above, it does feel like I've created a bizarre universe to inhabit but then again the world has gone totally mad today and I'm not quite sure whom to believe or bomb. Luckily in my world there is only Love and I know my Apple from my Elbow.

Maybe you need a bit of Hawkwind to sort your life out!

More tomorrow...

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