Monday, 2 September 2013

Call the shots - Girls Aloud

'Out of the fire that burns inside me, a phoenix is rising' - Cooper, Higgins, Cowling, Powell & Sommerville 

It feels like I'm cooking on gas now and I'm feeling remarkably in one piece considering I ran a fast Wolverhampton City Marathon yesterday. All of the 'Training without recovery' has worked well for me and I believe that interval and hill running on tired legs made yesterday's hills less challenging than before.

Really concentrating on this race made me feel that it was important to PERFORM and realise my current running potential. Let's face it, no one ASKED me to do the race as I think we sometimes forget this and see it more as an ORDEAL than a FUN and REWARDING thing to CHALLENGE ourselves to do.

I will be considering this at length over the next few weeks no doubt...

How do you feel about your next running race? Ordeal or Challenge?

More tomorrow...

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