Thursday, 5 September 2013

Take it to the Limit - The Eagles

'Take it to the limit one more time' - MeisnerHenley & Frey

I was taken to my limit today by the Two Chris's at Kingston University's Body Science Laboratory. It was all part of the preparation plans for my next BIG challenge which starts on Monday. One of their studies is going to include an analysis of my body's reaction to all this running - I feel very honoured to be asked.

Following my good run at the Wolverhampton Marathon on Sunday, I felt mildly more confident about handing over my remote control to Chris Howe to take me to my V02 Max and beyond. Masked up and egged on by Jenny and the Chris's I managed to MAX out quite nicely thank you, and did better than I'd expected going on my previous V02 Max results. My training has obviously helped...Jenny totally smashed it on hers of course!

Stripping off and wearing a swim-cap for a total body-fat test was slightly unnerving but in all seriousness, the data made for incredible feedback to both Jenny and Myself on our performances and our current levels of fitness. I should be around the 3.27 marathon mark really so I'm not far off my peak but could perhaps try harder, and Jenny is Superwoman. There's a need for more speed to get me to my goal.

Now if I've tested you in the past, you'll know just how hard you have to work in the test and you now know that I've been there too in a sort of V02 Max Revenge type way. It's not all that nice perhaps but the results are totally fascinating and worth every step you take. I'm going to have another go at the end of my challenge and see the difference a bucket load of running does to your body.

I'll keep you posted with my test results as they happen over the next few weeks and if you are REALLY serious about YOUR running and how you are affected by heat, humidity or altitude then the Two Chris's at Kingston University are definitely the Men for the job. Click HERE for details about how they can help you...

More tomorrow... 

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