Friday, 13 September 2013

Stoptober Day 5 - Prince - Sign o' the Times

'Is it silly no, when a rocket blows
And everybody still wants to fly?' - Prince Nelson.

Apt lyrics for the #Stoptober campaign today as I've been in and around wonderful Barnsley, where I believe we've had the best roadshow so far and I've had my easiest and most enjoyable run so far.

It started from my parents house in Doncaster and I ran from there out towards Barnsley where I was joined for a good seven miles by my friend Tom Fitzsimons. Trotting along with someone in complete empathy is extremely satisfying and peaceful thing to do - it was a real luxury for me.

As was the trip from A to B rather than an out and back as it gives the run far more meaning. I'm amazed how much difference it makes to the runs relevance and motivation.

I must thank Barnsley FC for being so welcoming and having the most perfect pitch I've ever seen, amazing!

Nothing I thought would top that until I found Prince Edward was visiting the Town Hall to open the new civic fountains just as I was running by. He looked very smart as did the Mayor and Mayoress unlike me in my sweaty running gear.

Then again, I didn't look too shabby and only had a couple of miles after that to get the 28 miles in for the day and with the 140 mile mark passed in five days, slightly more than the Marathon des Sables, I hasn't to add in the same time. That's a good thought to have as we now travel down to CROYDON to run tomorrow.

More then from a very happy Royal camper... - The UK's Leading ULTRAmarathon Coaches.

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