Sunday, 1 September 2013

Awaken - Yes

Wolverhampton City Marathon Route
'Be honest with yourself, there's no doubt' - Anderson & Howe.

I was totally HONEST with myself at the start of the Wolverhampton City Marathon today and really focused in on the task in hand and started like I meant it, on what I know to be a bit of an 'upper and downer' of a course. Warming-up before the start, helped too.

Now I'm fully aware of what 'Marathon Number Crunching' does to ones speed (as my good friend Traviss knows also following his marathon PB today) BUT it's amazing just how good I felt KNOWING that I've recently done quality Park Runs, Hill Training and all those wonderful Power Hours. 

I did three days of Carbo-loading too, which made me feel quite bloated but did the trick in keeping me fueled all the way to the finish in even split times. It was also an even half-marathon to marathon split...

It gave me a 3:42:21 marathon time, my 18/785 in terms of quickness, which I believe I can still improve on at Abingdon, which is less of a roller-coaster course and I've a month of hard training ahead of me to come.

Congratulations also to one of my star clients, Andy Saville who clocked in a 3:11 PB at the same race - so that's another reason to be proud.

Must be something to do with it being my matriarchal city.

More tomorrow...

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