Monday, 16 September 2013

Stoptober Day 8 - Limelight - Rush

'All the world's indeed a stage and we are merely players' - Lee, Lifeson & Peart

What an awesome #Stoptober Day 8 and I must thank the City of Cardiff for making this one of the best Stoptober Day's so far. It started a little later too at 9am which made life a whole lot more user friendly as well so it was happy days right from the word go.

I started with an open mind on where to go today as I have run thousands of miles around the city in the past two years BUT I aimed for the Millennium Stadium for starters and they very kindly let me into the Stadium and let me go pitch-side to have a photo call. Going out from the players tunnel made me feel very proud to be an adopted Welshman - My Welsh Granddad would have loved that.

It seemed only right to go to The Cardiff City Stadium and do the same. Excitedly, I waited until after a double bacon sandwich lunch and a run to Penarth Pier (one of my favourite places ever) before I went to get my special 'Stoptober 28' branded Cardiff City Shirt and had my picture taken next to the pitch holding it like the clubs latest signing, although I'm not sure they need a 51 year old with 100,000 plus miles on the clock.

I have to thank Cardiff City and especially Barrie McAuliffe, for making this happen... They were so kind to Jenny and me and are really behind #Stoptober which is great news too. I'll be back there for the Newcastle game on October 5th.

From there the last 8 miles just flew by...and the day was just a breeze. I feel great for it being my 8th consecutive 28 miler in 8 let's hope that continues!

More tomorrow...

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