Tuesday, 10 September 2013

#Stoptober Day 2 - Yes - Parallels

Rory with Suzanne Collins
'I've been all around the world and seen so many faces' - Squire

Well it's been a fine day out on the Wirral covering my second day of 28 miles for the #stoptober campaign that I'm running for only the next 26 days now.

It all started very early at the '5 Star' Burr's Country Caravan Park, where we stayed in our Motorhome last night and we were on the road and ready for our 8 am start. (Big thanks to Jeanette at Burrs for helping us out btw).

I decided to start by running along the coast for a 3.5 mile out and back that would give me my first seven miles in the bag before some more breakfast but found I was expending a lot of energy into a howling gale and the path also sloped from left to right which could lead to Anterior Compartment Syndrome (bright red and painful shins which I certainly don't want on this trip), so I kicked this idea into touch and headed the other way.

I'm glad I did too as the scenery was far more interesting and it was well sheltered too, especially in the light rain squalls. The miles flew by with more food on board and I got to the photo call at 22 miles in good time enabling the interviews to be time-limit free.

Here I met Actress, Suzanne Collins who is pledging to quit with the #stoptober campaign and again with more of the people who are working on the roadshows encouraging people to sign up. It's all good stuff and very rewarding.

Passing the 26.2 was also very satisfying and I enjoyed the last 1.8 miles to get me to The Woodside Quay for some Iconic pictures with the Liverpool skyline behind me.

That's where we are heading tomorrow and I look forward to seeing you there.

More then.

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