Monday, 9 September 2013

#Stoptober Day 1 - Marathon - Rush

'You can do a lot in a lifetime, if you don't burn out too fast,

You can make the most of the distance, first you need endurance.' - Rush

The words of the song make perfect sense today and my 0345am morning call underlined the 28 day task ahead of me of running 28 miles a day as a prelude to Public Health England's #Stoptober Campaign.

In it's second year, hopefully it will build on it's previous success and help 500,000 people, this year, give up smoking just as I did some 20 years ago.

My goal today was to get to the press launch at Manchester United's, Old Trafford Ground by 1130am ready to push the giant inflatable STOP Ball 3 miles to the Salford Shopping Centre for a roadshow directed at smokers shopping there today.

Fueled with a good porridge breakfast and a strong cup of Earl Grey, Jenny cheered me off on the first of 4 laps out from the stadium and back. These I just dutifully jogged at 11 min/mile pace to get the marathon done in 5hrs 32mins ready to join the Soldiers from the 207 Manchester Field Hospital who pushed the ball with me to the 29 mile mark in 6hrs 42mins.

I have to admit to getting quite emotional at the 25 mile point as none of the above would have happened if I hadn't made the decision all those years ago to quit smoking and get myself into a completely healthy place. 

Being able to do this run today is a real privilege that I am going to enjoy over the next 27 days. Today was REAL FUN! 

Tomorrow, I'm on the Wirral running along the Seafront at Meol and If you are in the area, please come and say 'Hello', I like that.

More tomorrow as it's nearly bedtime:-)

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