Thursday, 19 September 2013

Stoptober Day 11 - Rain - The Cult - Rain

'Open the sky and let her come down, here comes the rain' - Astbury & Duffy

Oh my did it just RAIN and RAIN today...I didn't mind as I expected it to give me a good soaking until midday but my poor iPhone did and sadly passed away in the Apple Store, drowned to death in a lifeless pool of water.

I'm not surprised what with the bath submersion incident of a month ago, the recent exposure to the Cardiff Monsoon and finally today's north-east downpour as it was just too much for it's circuit boards to cope with. It was struggling with 3G anyway, the poor thing and for a while, I was without Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Email, Google Maps and my 70's progressive rock ... it was touch and go out there!

Luckily, it was very quickly replaced and was up and running in no time ready for our photo call at 11am this morning with Newcastle's Press and a STOP BIG RED Wheel roll to the University, NUFC at St.James' Park and a visit to Northumberland Street for the #Stoptober Roadshow.

Getting in 12 miles before that and 16 afterwards broke the run quite nicely in two and I really enjoyed the Tyne and Millennium Bridges. I'm in Sunderland tomorrow after a Radio inteview at BBC Newcastle at 7.30am. Talk about a full itinerary!

More tomorrow...

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