Friday, 20 September 2013

Stoptober Day 12 - Tears for Fears - Mad World

Rory at the Wearmouth Bridge, Sunderland.
'When people run in circles, its a mad world' - Orzabal.

It's been a mad old day on #Stoptober today as there hasn't been a moment to spare from a Breakfast-time BBC Newcastle interview to finishing our day at Seaham some 28 miles later.

In between, I went to Newcastle United's, St. James' Park and Sunderland AFC's Stadium of light, pushed our Stop ball thru Sunderland AND spoke to my training clients on the run. See what I mean...

I think the running bit was the easiest and my route ran the Great North Run, back to front and then down the coast, which certainly helped with the mental approach to covering the first few miles of the day.

After lunch, it was much lonelier and I just thought about cutting the route into easier 'Bite sized chunks'. Talking of food, I'm now starving and am thoroughly looking forward to a hearty supper as I'm now over 3kgs lighter than when we started 12 days ago.

We now have a marathon drive to Bristol - so see you there tomorrow - Jenny is racing at Park Run so watch out! - The UK's Leading ULTRAmarathon Coaches.

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