Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

Every day for us something new, open mind for a different view - Hetfield & Ulrich.

The 'Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert' was on April 20th 1992 and I remember it well as I felt psychologically out of control at the time.

However, I clearly remember Metallica playing in my confused state that evening, and was blown away by their performance, enough to initiate some behavioral change that kept me on the straight and narrow for about 6 months that year, before losing the plot again until my famous life-changing day, January 5th 1994... 

Some 20 years on and Metallica sound as good as ever, yet I'm in a totally different place and as I look back on my life, the process of change that then took me nearly two years to clean up my act, started during that song, that day.

I'm a very lucky chap indeed and I feel grateful as I start my next running adventure in just five days time doing something I'd never have imagined doing back then.

No doubt I'll be thinking more about how life's changed since taking those first few steps to fitness and health over the next few weeks and hundreds of miles ahead.

More tomorrow...

BTW, I went on to sing with Metallica, how cools that! :-)

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