Wednesday, 11 September 2013

#Stoptober - Day 3 - Where the Streets - U2

'The city's aflood' - Hewson, Evans, Mullen, Clayton

Liverpool provided a great backdrop for our third #Stoptober day on the road and the shoppers gave me good Liverpudlian Humour as I pushed the big red inflatable wheel thru the city centre. This came at my 23 mile point of my 28 mile ULTRA-marathon that began at just gone 0600hrs this morning.

I’m already discovering that the hardest part of the Challenge is taking that FIRST STEP each morning,  just like it is for anyone quitting smoking and although tough, in my experience what you need is focus and determination as well as a couple of hundred thousand other peoples’ support  to get you thru in the #Stoptober as well as my challenge I hope.

 I've got that determination firm and straight in my mind about my challenge have you got what to takes to conquer yours?

Mine is starting to fly by! The first seven miles whizzed by as did the second and third, especially after my double cathedral visit. If I ever needed divine inspiration - I got it.

Even the rain didn't dampen the Road-show or Movie Making as we even shot an advert for the campaign which I hope to see later in the week. As for now, it’s a chicken supper followed by another early night with my run tomorrow being based around Leeds. If you are around, please come and say ‘Hello’. If you know some nice places to go and see please direct me as I like a bit of ‘sightseeing’…

Oh, how’s my body coping? Well it’s fine and only a bit achy from three days of RUNNING and yes I am RUNNING all day and it’s just the other stuff we do that slows me down, I did get an eight minute mile in at the end today in the rain after I was prompted by my Garmin that my Battery was LOW.

Anyway, more tomorrow and keep tracking us at #Stoptober… see you Chums…

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