Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Stoptober Day 10 - Rush - New World Man

'He's a Rebel and a Runner' - Lee, Lifeson & Peart

Every day on #Stoptober I say it's been the best so far, but really was the best.

It wasn't about getting past the 10 day mark and the 280 mile barrier it was about the pure simplicity of the day and just how when you are running, your mind can take you to another level and you just feel free and at one with the world.

Taking my daughter Pearl (8) to school this morning in Long Eaton got me off to a great start. She stayed aboard our Motorhome last night and kept Jenny and me entertained with a complete spectrum of endless questions about every topic imaginable. My word she has an active mind! She's awesome...

From there it was a bit of a 9 mile dash to get to BBC Nottingham to link up with BBC Wales for their mid-morning show with Jason Mohammed, if you follow my Map my Run you will notice my heightened heart-rate along Castle Boulevard in Nottingham.

The best part of going to the BBC was actually meeting footballer Robbie Savage, he was just fantastic and very charming. He seemed most interested in my #Stoptober Challenge as he's just done the Great North...The idea of 28 x 28 just blew him away I think. Anyway, it was lovely to meet him.

It was also great to meet up with Denise Lowther and Paul Nicholls towards Sherwood and Mansfield to get those last few miles in the bag to wrap up a very satisfying 10th 28 miler in 10 days...

We are now in Newcastle ready to get some sleep in for a full media day tomorrow in the city centre and some more sight seeing.

More then...

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