Saturday, 14 September 2013

Stoptober Day 6 - Greatest Day - Take That

Pam giving me Special Encouragement
'Watch the world come alive' - Barlow

My world came alive at 5.30am this morning for my latest 28 mile Marathon in 6 days making a total of 168 so far on the #Stoptober Challenge.

We even managed to fit in Park Run Croydon too on a very wet yet rewarding jog round Coombe Park in 33 minutes and Jenny won the ladies race of course in just over 20!

Best thing about it was starting Park Run with 9 miles on my GPS already for the day and finishing over 12... It really moved my mileage on nice and quickly as did meeting Edward Mills and Pam Storey at the #Stotober Roadshow. It's great to see friends along the way and I'm looking forward to seeing Lou Herron tomorrow...

Yet again it was a low key day of running and my Average Heart Rate of the last three days is just over 100 so I'm hardly overdoing it. For the HR geeks amongst you I spend 3 hours a day roughly at 133bpm, that seems to be my perfect endurance speed.

It's all good though and there's no blisters or injuries (YET) to speak of but might get a physio booked for Monday as we head back to overnight in Caerdydd...and a proper bed at Home before we head up to Derby and Nottingham. So if you are in God's City on Monday, please come and have a run.

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  1. Great stuff Rory - you must be hardly noticing the miles at that heart rate?! Look after the feet and legs and keep enjoying it! Sarah