Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Feeling a Moment - Feeder

Lyric: 'Feeling the moment slip away, Losing direction, you're loosing faith' - Nicholas

Song Choice:- A great song from Feeder (whatever happened to them eh?)...Proper Welsh too - from Casnewydd (that's Newport to you). See if you remember them for yourself here. 2005 seems a long time ago somehow!

Now I know I go on lots about 'Living the Moment' but what happens when the 'Moment' has gone? The lyrics of this song continue 'Feeling it all begin to slide', and that's the bit where the alarm bells start to ring for me. The thing is I've witnessed this 'slide' many times with my clients post major running events and have even felt the effects of this 'Post Traumatic Race Disorder' myself. After running London-Lisbon in 2004 it left me in quite a slump I can tell you...

The euphoria of being outside of one's comfort zone, living the dream, feeling the moment, tasting the success and celebrating the journey only has a certain shelf life..believe me. 

I've found out it's how you continue to live your life trying not to revert to type that takes the effort.

With this in mind and with less than two weeks 'til the end of #DryJanuary it will be too easy to just slip a few drinks in here and there every day and before you know it, you'll be back on the Booze Express and all the hard work of abstention will be forgotten.

What steps are you going to put in place to stop this happening?

Maybe it's time to think about this before it happens...

More tomorrow.

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