Thursday, 21 January 2016

Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles

Lyric:- 'Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream' - Lennon & McCartney

Song Choice:- Off my favourite Beatles album 'Revolver' (mainly as my first Boss played it every day in my first job in back in 1983) I always liked the sound of the tape loops used to get the back masking of the sound effects that give it the 'LSD' tripping feel that Lennon so wanted to produce.

Back in 1966, he and lots of other young people were searching for what life was all about. They didn't want to be like their parents, they didn't want to be old before their time. The world was an exciting place and they wanted to explore a whole new world of experiences. I can understand how they felt and didn't feel the need for 'LSD' to help me get to the apocalyptic moment where the world became that psychedelic place where I could feel at one with myself.

I'm not sure if they ever reached that moment, it just opened up a whole world of addiction, psychological problems, paranoia and as an impressionable young man I decided early on the '27 Club' really wasn't for me.

There is a moment though when you realise that although you're not an A, B or C Class Drug user, you are intact using one of the most addictive chemicals to get you through each day of your life that 'Turns off your mind, relaxes and helps that float down stream'.

And it's so fucking easy to get caught up in the daily ritual of getting anaesthetised by booze as life ain't what we want it to be.

And as we get into the last 10 days of #DryJanuary you can now decide if you are going to go back to being a drug addict...OK it sounds harsh but if you've found just three weeks of abstinence hard - you've got a REAL Alcohol problem.

You can 'Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream', without booze you know.

More tomorrow...

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