Saturday, 9 January 2016

Across the River - Sir Peter of Gabriel

#DryJanuary - Day 9 - Message
Lyric: 'Across the River I go' - Gabriel, Rhodes, Shankar & Copeland

Song Choice:- This is one of Gabriel's most atmospheric tunes and the version on the 'Secret World' live album is just totally amazing - take a look here and see what I mean for yourself.

Anyway, I've chosen this track for my 9th Day of #DryJanuary Blogs as 'Crossing a River' is how I like to think of the journey from being Person A to Person B or from being in one situation and going to another.

Of course, there are many ways to cross, you can tunnel, swim, row or build a bridge (And you could fly but hey, let's keep this sensible eh). Look, It's the bridge option that is the most interesting to me in this blog. There's something just special about a bridge see. Whether it's the Puente Nuevo in Pollenca, the Old Severn Bridge or the Sydney Harbour Bridge (they are my three favourites) there's just something about crossing from one place to another on a structure carefully created and designed fit for purpose. The pure physicality of the Sydney Harbour's 1149m span gave me no option but to cross it 37 times in a special Marathon back in 2011.

It all sounds a bit far fetched and far too romantic perhaps and not everyone runs across a bridge so many times just for the hell of it so the big question is, 'How does this relate to me?

Well, think about where you are and what you do right now and maybe it's time to construct a well designed and firmly contracted 'Bridge' that will take you from your A to your B. Don't let it take you the 10 years it took in Sydney to plan and then build theirs but make sure your foundations are sound and that you stick to the plan.

If you do, funnily enough you can build a bridge that will take you anywhere you want to go. The only perquisite is that you do it with a clear head.

Keep the Faith Folks and start reconstructing your life, then cross your river safely :-)

More tomorrow.

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