Sunday, 10 January 2016

Perfect 10 - The Beautiful South

Dry January - Day 10 - Message
Lyric:- 'You wanna see the smile on my face' - Heaton & Rotheray

Song Choice:- Well I'm not the biggest Beautiful South fan in the world and wouldn't own up to an owning and album but the title of this Woman v Man, Dress-Size v Manhood-Size classic is just perfect for Day 10 of my #DryJanuary set of blogs.

The thing is, 10 is just so bloody perfect. Perfectly Round, Perfectly Decimal, Perfectly  Complete (even though as you know, Spinal Tap's Amps went to 11). You see for me 10/10 is simply the best you can do. Why do anything to 9.9/10 when all that's needed is that little 1% additional effort to make things complete. 

However, doing and pushing that extra 1% takes as much effort as the other 99% in my experience. I learned this the hard way in the 1969-1970 football season collecting First Division Football Player Stickers. Could I get the John McGovern sticker? Could I heck! Got loads of Sandy Browns and Bobby Charlton's. Spent all my pocket money and some on them. I did mention this to Mr McGovern (whom played for Scotland, Derby, Notts Forest and Leeds as I remember), when I met him at a sports dinner in 2004. Ironically, you can of course buy the whole album for £50 on Ebay now which I might just do...

Anyway, what is it about the number 10?

If you are a sprinter, 10.00 is really annoying 9.99 is brilliant. Isn't it strange how each of us sees things in different ways. If petrol at £0.999 a whole lot better than petrol at £1.00. On filling my tank today, I saved a whopping 1/2p gosh thanks Tesco!

Anyway, the thing is with a Perfect 10 so far in #DryJanuary, is there is no 9.99 or 9 days 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds; you are either a 10 or a BIG FAT ZERO. It's a plain black or white, which I love.

The good thing is though, you can start again tomorrow, learn by your mistakes and get to 10 really quickly again...

And if you are still in the game folks, get ready as tomorrow we turn the amps up to 11.

More then...

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