Sunday, 24 January 2016

In the Still of the Night - Whitesnake

Lyric:- 'In the Still of the Night, I feel my heart beating heavy, Telling me I gotta have more' - Marsden & Coverdale

Song Choice:- I just love the pomposity and pure 'Spinal Tap' appeal of this song. The video is priceless and I wouldn't be surprised if the guys had minor back and hip problems following all this hip thrusting. I do love the middle eight including the ridiculous violin bow work on the guitar - My the 80's were great! Even I had big hair at one stage...

Anyway, the video features Coverdale's ex-wife Tawny Kitten, whom at the time was considered by all the printers I worked with, to be a real babe and how right they were. 

From a very skinny model in Whitesnakes 'Is this Love' video, a lifestyle of drink, drugs and excess helped turn her into what you can see here. 

What a waste...Tawny's and other such stories always make me think long and hard about the things in life we are addicted to and how lucky I am to have given up drinking alcohol all those years ago. Hopefully this period of abstinence is doing the same.

Then again, if you've mastered #DryJanuary how about trying #NoOverdraftFebruary, #NoCreditCardSpending March and my favourite #NoSalt&VinegarCrispsApril - you might find these a lot tougher than booze and you might find out you can clean up more areas of your life than you thought you could, just by owning up to them being an issue.

You can do it even on the hardest of things you love...I can taste Salt & Vinegar Crisps if I think about them and it's six years since I had a bag...Oh my. I only gave them up to see if I could!
But have think eh? What is your Achilles Heel? Booze? Drugs? Shopping? or just saying 'No' when it's on offer? Maybe is just someone in your life, telling or allowing you to be an addict?

Maybe in the 'Still of the Night' you might consider the question as that's where I find I do my best thinking - Do you?

More tomorrow...

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