Monday, 4 January 2016

These are the Days of Our Lives - Queen

#DryJanuary - Day 5 - Message
Lyric:- 'The days were endless, we were crazy - we were young' - Deacon, May, Mercury & Taylor

Song Choice:- Well it's only right I should choose a Queen track for my 22nd Birthday off the booze as it was during the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert on April 20th 1992 that I reached out for help from the Samaritans. The cry out for help proved to be a good one too and 8035 day's later, I'm still living Booze-Free and making every day I have count. 

If Freddie was still here, I would personally thank him for changing my life...

It really has been a lifetime of sobriety for me since 1994 but the thing is on day five of this year's #DryJanuary, that I'm actually just the same as anyone else as I'm still only one drink away from mucking it all up and that would be a catastrophe after all this time. 

In my book, what's gone's gone...and you can't change history and it doesn't matter if it's 5, 101 or's GONE. Thing is though, you can always 'Shape your Future'.

I see people change out of all recognition when they give up their alcohol addiction, and those lives I've already helped to change - you know whom you are. 

Now whether you are doing this for just January 2016 or whether you'll just keep on going, just like I've done, you'll never look back with regret about not drinking, or having alcohol rule your daily routine I can PROMISE you that.

Having some time out from drinking can help you decide just how much you need it, and if you can't do without it in your life - best is to make contact with some professional people whom can help you out as sadly Freddie and his Tribute Concert won't be there to help you as it helped me.

It was my Metallica Moment - Nothing Else Matter's in fact...

Anyway, I ran my 953rd marathon yesterday on an endless day, where I was crazy and I was young and didn't even think about drink...what did you do?

More tomorrow...

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