Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year's Day - U2

#DryJanuary - Day 1 - Message
Lyric:- 'Nothing changes on New Year's Day' - Clayton, Evans, Hewson & Mullen

Song Choice:- Well it's the only right choice isn't it! If you haven't seen the video before or forgotten just how good it was have a look here. They all look very young and very cold!

Anyway, I obviously chose the song for the title but also funnily enough for the lyric 'Nothing changes on New Year's Day'. And maybe Bono is right in singing that line as for most, nothing will change this year and life will be as it was in 2015, in 2016 too.

The interesting thing is when I ask folk what they would change if they had three wishes. For most it's time management, (especially to make more time for family) and being debt-free or changing their jobs. 

For some though t's more about cleaning up their lifestyle.

Well, today's the best place to start, especially with a first-class hangover and furry dog breath from a few drunken cigars or pack of 20 or more cigarettes and a banging headache. I don't miss this at all!!!

Making a promise with that pounding around one's cranium is really easy, maintaining it for even just one day - a real challenge. My tip is to quit a few things today. I gave up my beloved Walkers Salt & Vinegar Crisps a few years back and that proved harder than the booze if I'm being honest but I'm still free of Mr. Lineker's Tipple too.

In both cases, I didn't think about terminating them from my life forever, I just thought I'd do it for a day to see if I could do it and then just kept on going...

'Nothing' changes on New Year's Day? 

Er...Nope, I think 'Everything' can change on 'New Year's Day', including YOU if you want to.

Just have a go for one day to start off with and think about some things as well as booze you want to change about yourself...

You'll be better for it.

#DryJanuary #Dryforlife

More tomorrow...

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