Sunday, 3 January 2016

A Sort of Homecoming - U2

#DryJanuary - Day 3 - Message
Lyric:- 'Time to heal 'Desire' time - Clayton, Evans, Hewson & Mullen Jr.

Song Choice:- From the brilliant 1983 Album, The Unforgettable Fire, this is one of the lesser known tracks but probably one of their better ones being heavily influenced by a certain Mr. Brian Eno of Roxy Music fame. I bought his Before and After Science album in 1978 which was truly awesome and he also cropped up on the legendary The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, 1974 Genesis Double Album too...being credited with 'Enossification'. Have a listen here.

Anyway back in the room and the U2 lyrics include one of their later titles, 'Desire' and that's my interest for day three of my series of #DryJanuary Blogs. You see 'Desire' to me is a 100% kinda commitment thing and speaking as a 0% or a 100% man 99.9% just isn't giving something ones all.

And this is a really simple blog today as:-

#DryJanuary's an easy one to get your head around as YOU are either doing it, or YOU'RE not.

Doing it for 'Life' actually turned out to be a lot easier than you think and all you do is just keep going...

It's been perfect in every way for someone like me but to make it happen for YOU you'll need desire,  real DESIRE, and when I mean real I mean REAL and bags of it too.

Don't be a 99.9% failure - Just DO it and enjoy some time to 'Heal'.

More tomorrow :-)

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