Monday, 25 January 2016

Extreme Ways - Moby

Lyric:- 'There's always room in life for this' - Moby

Song Choice:- I watched a couple of Bourne's over the weekend, and they are the only movies where I sit through credits just to hear this Moby track. It finishes off the whole 'action-movie' escapism bit just perfectly for me, every time.

Like me and if you love this Matt Damon trilogy of films and the more recent Bond movies, you'll  enjoy the 'Extreme' feel to them and if you are a bloke, in your heart of hearts, I bet you'd like to be a bit like Bourne or in fact Bond...You know the kinda guy that gets the girl, fights off the villain and saves the world, all in a 90 minute film.

The thing is guys, we're all a bit you know...

Well 'Extreme' that is, in our own ways. OK we're not saving the world with a Bond Beauty in tow but we all push the boundaries of our lives in at least one area. It's where we choose to make ourselves stand out from the crowd. It's important.

OK, it's whatever floats your boat and whether you are into sports cars or post endlessly on FB about your dog (you know whom you are) it's your 'Extreme' and it's up to you on how you get through life.

Let's face it, life should be fun...It's when that 'Extreme' becomes a chore or when it's not good for you that it starts to become a very negative influence on your life and mindset. For instance, if running became a chore for me (like it has done for some folk I meet, clocking up their 100 marathons) then I'd stop, what would be the point? If drinking wine's been your thing and then you become addicted to it, then it's also time to think about stopping that too.

Maybe it's time to take stock of your 'Extremes' and see if they are a positive or negative influences on your day-to-day existence. Maybe you have to watch a bit of Bourne and listen to a bit of Moby to start your thinking process off as 'There's always room in life for this, Oh Baby'...

More tomorrow.

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