Thursday, 14 January 2016

Stand Up and Shout - The Tubes (Live)

Lyrics:- When you get to thinking things you never thought before, then you'll know, without a doubt, Come on and stand up and shout! - Trainer & Condello

Song Choice:- Well it's the best 'Double Live' Album EVER and I was lucky enough to see them when I was 17 back in '79 supported by Squeeze on their 'Cool for Cats' tour at the Hammersmith Apollo. Take a look for yourself here and yes it was all a bit wierd - Wow I rocked back then!

Anyway, as you can see in today's clip, today is all about finding one's voice as so often we feel we want to 'Stand up and Shout', but because we're so darned British, erm..we don't. You see, it's never bothered me too much, especially in the more recent of my years as I don't really worry too much about standing out from the crowd and making myself heard.

It's amazing how folk get tied up in knots at the thought of public speaking, arguing their case when they've received poor service or put up with hardship and bullying both at work or at home rather than voice their opposition.

How many times have you said in a restaurant when asked 'Is everything ok with your meal?' have you said 'Well actually this Steak is tougher then one of my trainers!' or at the hairdressers had the from behind mirror treatment, saying 'That's great thanks', or had a super-expensive hair styling and blow drying (not me of course) only to go and whack a hat on or rough it up immediately afterwards because you think you look like Dame Edna.

Aren't we a bit all bonkers?

So that's why today you need to find your voice, Stand Up and Shout out to the World - especially if you are on Day 14 of #DryJanuary.

More tomorrow folks and keep up the good work :-)

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