Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Change - Tears for Fears

Lyric:- 'And something on your mind became a point of view' - Orzabal

Song Choice:- Well the Orzabal & Smith double act of Tears for Fears (More Orzabal than Smith of course if we're being honest) supply the song and lyric of my Day 13 of my #DryJanuary Blogs.

You see it's amazing how hard and fast with our opinions and how set in our ways (especially the ageing man) we can become. I know folk that in just a few short months of saying 'I'm NEVER going to do that' do a complete 'U' Turn and do exactly what they said they were NEVER going to do.

Is that's YOU? I know whom you are out there...

Anyway, I hear myself saying 'NEVER', time and time again. One of my favourites is, 'I wouldn't clean my car in a pair of HOKA Trainers' or 'You'll NEVER see me getting an Ironman tattoo', BUT hey you never know, I might just in the future. There might be an apocalyptic moment where taking part in an Ironman wearing HOKA's becomes a 'must do' part of my life and then I'd get a Tat to help me proclaim my 'Ironness' to the world.  Maybe I'd also buy a very expensive bike and get a 4x4 pick-up to cart it all around in! 

Wow, that's scary thought and who knows, I could be on a crash-course with that situation right now and not know it.

Yikes thats even scarier so if you see me even looking at '220 magazine', please lock me in a darkened room until the urge to become a 'mid-life crisis Tri-Athlete passes'. In my favour I will have to learn to swim first and that ain't NEVER going to happen. 


Well, watch this space but if you see me morphing into X-Bionic Body lycra, stop me and make me eat the tri-suit and arm guards you'll find me wearing? You'll be wasting your time though as if I set my mind on doing something, I do it!

My message today is to keep your options open...

Now where's my aero-helmet?

More tomorrow...

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